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Recruitment Marketing with Hunar Online's Video Job Ad

  Today’s job market is a challenging one for businesses and employees alike. The war for talent has never been more cutthroat, with the average time to fill a vacancy increasing by almost 20% in just one year. Recruitment agencies, HR teams and hiring managers are all feeling the strain of an increasingly competitive landscape, to the point where many companies are reporting that the difficulty of hiring new staff has become their biggest challenge. However, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel; since   What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruitment marketing encompasses all the activities that drive candidates to apply to a job. It’s a combination of internal and external marketing activities that attract candidates, nurture them through the hiring process and ultimately get them hired. The goal of recruitment marketing is to increase the number of candidates and shorten the time it takes to hire. To do this, recruiters must create a plan that targets both candidates and h