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India: Hotspot of blue-collar workers

What is the blue collar job market like in India? What are the sectors that employ maximum number of blue collar workers?


India: Hotspot of blue-collar workers

Blue-collar worker applies to a person who is involved in a fair deal of manual labor through his occupation. These workers work in some of the most traditional sectors, such as factories , oil fields, firefighters, auto-manufacturing units, food processing, sanitation, custody and technical installations. While some people in these positions receive annual compensation or are paid for a job, most blue-collar employees are paid an hourly wage. Blue-collar positions are highly skilled and require someone to perform a mission. However, most of them do not require strict instruction.

Generally, a secondary school certificate or GED is appropriate for this type of work. Many blue-collar workers are required to wear durable clothing, such as linen or cotton, even when used.

Demand for blue-collar workers is growing rapidly with growth and expansion. This category is growing rapidly, mainly through rapid urbanization, from food and machinery delivery to home maintenance and carpentry assistance. Most people travel to towns in search of a better job.


Demand for blue-collar workers is expected to grow by:

  • Delivery staff: 8,02,745+
  • Drivers: 5,98,627+
  • Security: 3,49,313+
  • Facility: 2,49,657
  • Beautician: 24,657
  • Maintenance workers: 25,145
  • School workers: 49,855


City wise data on blue collar workers:

  • Bengaluru: 2,34,800
  • Delhi: 2,25,801
  • Mumbai: 1,33,244
  • Pune: 1,10,520
  • Chennai: 93,222
  • Noida: 85,460
  • Hyderabad: 54,052
  • Gurugram: 50,690
  • Kolkata: 23,950

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Areas that employ the largest number of blue-collar workers are:

Construction sites:

Construction sites work like transfer products, building houses, setting up power and the list goes on. But the primary responsibility of the blue-collar worker on the building site is:

·         Helping merchants and equipment managers build enterprises

·         Raise and tear scaffolding, ladders, etc. for safety.

·         Unloading and transportation of goods to building sites

·         Using tools to crack old shapes and forms

·         Use explosives to demolish buildings as instructed

·         Prepare and add building materials to build buildings or fill holes (eg cement)

·         Smooth and level up new concrete or other materials

·         Clean the site from waste and litter


Blue-collar workers contribute to healthcare industry by working as cleaners, housekeeping staff.

E-commerce logistics will drive the development of blue-collar workers:

The logistics industry is projected to create jobs for at least 3 million people by 2022.

Research by the Indian blue-collar work industry examines the state of affairs in India and how it will take shape in 2020. The conversion of selections in registered jobs was 33.85 per cent for 2018, up from 70 per cent in 2019 which is more than 1.3 million active monthly users.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies, this has led to a doubling of conversion rates on one forum by HR recruiters to promote the identification of suitable applicants.

By using sites like hunar online , the beneficiaries and the employees of Blue Collar allow the worker to work properly.


According to the report, the number of active platform applicant profiles has increased by 60%. However, it has been found that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of female candidates in almost a quarter of all eligible candidates. The platform also gave a balanced range to the applicants.

Over the past two years, women candidates have seen an upward trend in employment in logistics and listed their profiles and skills required for corporate and start-up placement.


Benefits as blue-collar workers:

You can leave work whenever you want:

There are many benefits, such as the right to quit your job and a happy life. After making the change the loyalty of the employer will go from the employer to the family.

While blue-collar employees should be paid compulsorily and volunteer for a longer period of time. A person hired out of a blue-collar job often has certain and established talents that can lead to jobs elsewhere.


It's all over:

Most blue-collar employees are always happy with this feeling. Someone working in construction will move the infrastructure and feel that he has played a big part in it.

A factory worker may have a brief look at some craft or perhaps find a few shop shelves for the final result. Many who are service providers should still cultivate a sense of joy so that more people can benefit from their efforts. There are many employers of blue collars who are very happy and ready to survive with talent and hard work.


No need to visit sports:

The biggest advantage is that you don't have to go to the gym. It is better and easier for you to be fit for what you have done.

After all, the construction work has a lot to do with the blue-collar. And that's what you're going to do. The health and well-being of most of you is an obsession. This may just be a perfect way to practice

Without wasting too much money. Simply put, you not only fit in, but you also save money.


Continue to work:

This is the biggest advantage when employed as an employee with a blue collar. You are constantly going to work.

But if you choose a career that pushes you forward, you can support and profit from the work of a blue-collar employee in the long run! For too long, you don't have to be alone in one position. When you are a blue-collar worker, you should always stand and move. People who have done this work always give us such great reviews and comments. You're gambling too!


They are the backbone of society

Blue collar workers are an essential part of the corporate world. They lay the foundation for various industries and corporate sectors. Therefore, workers are always in demand. In addition, they need to be constantly working through the fields and helping them grow in the business ladder. This can help you earn a living.


Very low stress:

You should expect very little stress in your life with blue-collar work. Really, there will be no stress in your life.

If you work in a department, you will not be expected to apply assignments in good time, come up with new proposals and presentations. In that area, you can't implement any of the difficulties that come from the business world. In short, most of the time you will be grateful and stay away from stress.

Student loans are not very expensive: most blue-collar employees can go to work for training or enroll in certain training courses or technical schools where the government can pay in full at some point.

Some of them don't ask you to pay that much. Any of them already have these wonderful grants that you can access at once. This is not something you can take care of as a blue-collar worker if you have to repay a student loan. And basically, the best advantage you can find.

Over time, the market demand for Blue Collar staff varies by region. To enable easy job search experiences, job portals like hunar online can be used. This job portal helps both recruiters and applicants find their jobs without difficulty.

This gives them many benefits of being a blue-collar worker, a blue-collar worker is especially professional.


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