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How can the talent acquisition process be improved ?

Quick to hire? Low cost talent acquisition ? It's all possible with Hunar Online's Video Job Ads -learn how to create your own videos and start delivering a better candidate experience in minutes.

Hunar Online helps you improve talent acquisition cost

To understand what a dramatic change in recruiting, just consider the rise of recruitment videos. In this year alone, we've gone from an environment where it was normal to meet at networking events filled with hundreds of clueless strangers, to one where nearly every office is virtual, we all sweat, and we live on Zoom.

Recording and sending video has become incredibly easy and is loaded with emotional non-verbal cues that you might not get otherwise. The video helps you to show your enthusiasm, and helps in building strong relationships with the candidates.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies and tools used by an organization to engage and nurture potential talent at the pre-applicant stage. The purpose of this exercise is to promote the value of working for the organization and to establish a company culture or brand to attract suitable candidates.

In short, It's a process of building and communicating company's employer brand and employee value proposition to attract and hire top talent.

What are Recruitment Videos

The recruitment video is exactly what it sounds like—it's a video to attract candidates for a role. This can be a simple video about an open position or a one-to-one video message to someone you think is a perfect fit. For businesses, hunar online video job ads are the perfect tool to fill niche roles in a talent market like today.

Hunar Online’s Recruitment video reduces the time taken to hire a candidate by 60%.”

Recruitment videos make for a great candidate experience because they allow you to show off the company and its people. It builds trust immediately. People prefer to watch rather than read, so more and more companies are using video job ads in recruitment.

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Why is recruitment marketing revolutionizing talent acquisition?

Recruitment marketing with Hunar Online is changing the way companies find, engage and hire the best talent:

  • Search and find top talent
  • Build and promote your employer brand to the target audience
  • Nurture Potential Candidates

Traditional recruitment processes include posting open positions, screen applications, and select candidates who are better suited to the job requirements. However, it is a fact that the most skilled candidates are usually employed and not actively looking for new jobs but are open to new opportunities. Therefore, companies need new strategies to find and engage these dormant top candidates instead of settling for poor-quality candidates who apply.

In addition, most companies have a weak employer brand that does not attract the best candidates and often results in high turnover rates. All of these issues are opening the way for recruitment marketing, as companies are realizing they need to understand and incorporate marketing principles into their talent acquisition strategy.

Instead of focusing their attention on short-term recruitment needs by filling current open positions, recruiters need to employ more effective recruitment practices. It is essential for them to implement a marketing strategy to create a continuous talent pipeline filled with candidates available to fill positions at all levels in the company.

Benefits of Video Recruitment in Talent Acquisition

1.       Speed up time to hire

2.       Creates Better Candidate Experience

3.       lowers hiring costs

4.       Shows company culture

5.       Builds more trust with candidates

6.       Inserts emotions into an otherwise formal process

7.       Increases retention with top performers

8.       Increases referrals to crowded talent pools

Packages: Video Job Ads ]

Tips to create catchy video job ads

People like to watch videos online. In fact, online video now accounts for 69 percent of all Internet traffic, and 55 percent of people watch online video every day. For recruiters, there are even more important stats to consider: More than 50 percent of businesses on Hunar Online that use video see a reduction in the time it takes to fill a position, and nearly half have experienced in improved cost per hire.

Recruitment videos are now considered an engaging way to convey your organization's brand message. They complement job postings by giving candidates a reason to work for the company beyond compensation and benefits. Videos, after all, let others see your organization, your company culture and the office environment in a way that words and still images cannot express.

How company plan a recruitment video with hunar online ?

1-Your Video Introduction, 'Hook'

Begin your video with a 10-second 'hook' that's about 25 words (or less!) to capture the attention of your viewers!

2- Provide essential information about the company and role

The essence of a recruitment video is to let viewers know what your business is about and what it's like to work with you. It helps in motivating the ideal candidate to apply and saves you time in making lengthy introductions at the interview table.

3- Video highlights the uniqueness of the company

Your work-life balance or  company's friendly work culture that is the unique point , a good recruitment video demonstrates it well. how? showing in action.

4- Consider equipment

[All] You really need a recent smartphone to shoot your recruitment video (absolutely any recent smartphone can shoot video quality high enough for the web). 

5- Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Don't forget to add an action item at the end of your video to instruct viewers to apply for the job and send your resume. Keep your CTA clear and concise. Use 3-5 words to instruct them about next steps.

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Video Job Ads Are the New Key to Startup Recruitment

In today’s recruitment environment, startups face ups and downs to attract and recruit talented employees. First, they must address the acute global skill shortage in various sectors. Then, they must offer compensation packages attractive enough to compete with larger, more established companies. Then, they must be able to demonstrate the fact that their company culture is a good fit for the candidate, as 56% of employees now consider it a make-or-break factor in their decision.

Overcoming all those obstacles represents a challenge, to say the least. That's why it's a good idea for startups, in particular, to look for ways to differentiate themselves through their hiring practices. One of the best ways they can do that is to adopt new ways of reaching talented candidates where they are likely to already be – using online video as a medium. Here's a look at why video is becoming the key to startup recruitment, and some tips for making the best use of it.

Hiring the right talent at the right time is the key to success for a startup. Hunar Online is a great source of talent for their open roles. However, there are many free job posting sites that allow startups to post jobs for free and can reach a large audience, but it ruins their efforts to attract talent and recruitment marketing.

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Value of Video Job Ads in Recruitment

While this is a somewhat new practice, there is already some evidence that shows how important adding video can be to a recruitment strategy. According to Hunar online, job postings that include video have a 34% higher application rate than those that don't , also attract 12% more views by job hunters. This goes a long way toward explaining why companies like Google, Dropbox and Fiverr now make video an important strategy for keeping their recruitment software databases full of top-flight candidates.

Also, there is a fact that online video is slowly becoming the preferred content of Millennials, who are currently the most important demographic that recruiters need to reach. With data indicating that they will represent 75% of the total workforce by 2030, it is clear that startups that hope to stay ahead of their competition in the talent race will need to adopt video, and the sooner they can do it. do better.

How can HR hire a blue-collar worker in India?

India is Hotspot of Blue Collar workers and HR are using many evolving technology and gets creative with Hunar online video job ads to hire blue collar workers.

Skilled workers like welders, electricians and many machinists are still difficult to find and blue collar hiring is seeing a significant increase in all job categories in India. 

There has been a 320% increase in overall new job openings in the blue collar hiring market during the second quarter (July-September) of FY 2021 as compared to the previous quarter, with a focus on jobs in the retail and delivery segments, finds data Hunar Online Web App. 

The recovery of the labor market in India is being led by the blue collar workforce, who were hit hard by the pandemic.

Recruiters take advantage of the trend of consuming and sharing video content online to expand their potential talent pool as video has an innate ability to spread online and candidates are more willing to engage and Find it very easy to push it out to their networks.

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Many businesses are recruiting effectively with Hunar Online video job advertisements as they post their vacancies in multiple languages ​​depending on the job location. This saves a lot of their recruiting effort and money. This approach helps businesses reach out to audiences across regional differences.


1. No language barriers: Videos can be understood by everyone at a particular location.

2. It's easy to run targeted job ads (e.g. job role - state language)

3. There is a more engaged, healthier employer branding in the business assuming it is followed / watched by the target audience

Answer for all questions:  Hiring blue-collar workers: How to navigate the talent shortage: how to recruit blue-collar employees in a tight market.

Its simple visit hunar online – publish your video job ads in any language.

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