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Evolving technology in the blue collar industry

Each member of the organization plays an integral role in the proper functioning of the global workplace. The work pyramid will break if the team does not corporate. To ensure stability and productivity in the workplace, team members must be trained. 

The basis of industrialization is blue-collar workers, so it is important to pay attention to their needs and requirements and provide them with blue-collar training to promote better results.


Who is the Blue-collar Worker?


A blue collar worker is a person who does manual labor, such as landscaping, construction, waste disposal, etc. They are machine operators, CNC operators, helpers, delivery boys, drivers, field boys, office boys, construction workers, security guards, maids, Tailor, cleaner, laborer etc. Factories have many types of machines such as CNC machines to improve the quantity and quality of their work. To operate a CNC or computer numerical control machine, we need to hire a CNC machine operator. 

It is a special type of machine that has computers like memory and keyboard and stores the input given by the operator to work as per the requirement of the factory. After running some tests, the CNC operator will set the correct values ​​on the machine then the machine will run smoothly and hardly any help from CNC operator will be required. CNC operators are assisted by helpers. Their primary functions include cleaning machines, workspaces, loading and unloading materials, packing and waste management. They help other workers in their work, which is why employers hire workers in any factory or other organization.


What is the current approach to recruitment?

Recent studies have shown that talent management practitioners spend about 1/3 of their workweek (approximately 13 hours) visiting applicants for a single career on a daily basis. About 1 in 3 respondents will spend about 20 hours.


In this form of recruitment process, many paper and manual tasks are used. HR Professionals also find reporting for applicants through newspaper advertisements, on Internet portals and on their company's portals. As a result, the recruitment process takes several weeks to select the right applicant for the position.


Disadvantages of the traditional recruitment approach

Traditional data aggregation approaches, such as resumes and interviews, often do not contribute to the required answers. Data show that up to 78 percent of resumes contain misleading comments. Similarly, unstructured interviews do not yield predictable findings.


Also, recruiters need enough time to go through the resume. As a result, the process becomes tedious.


An Option

The beginnings of digitization have urged everyone to adapt to technology and digital skills. Almost everyone can use a mobile phone and work and use the internet. Proper use of the internet can stabilize the lengthy recruitment process.


How can evolving technology help the blue collar industry?


The Covid-19 epidemic has increased the acceptability of online processes, even for business-critical tasks, many times over. Automation of HR processes, which was primarily considered, today uses AI, ML and NPL technology to help all stakeholders make informed decisions.

Expectations from HR-Tech Solutions have changed; They are expected to provide active, predictable and accurate insights into the workforce. In practice, this means that smart boats take the initial step of scheduling interviews with candidates.

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Organizations that rely heavily on the Blue Collar workforce find it difficult to find skilled workers who are able to keep up with the ever-evolving workplace. Demand for skilled manpower is on the rise, especially in telecom, logistics, apparel and e-commerce in India. Some industries employing a blue-collar workforce have benefited greatly from the confluence of human and machine efforts in the workplace. Emerging platforms like Hunar online are helping companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase value.

Hiring technologies platform like this help organizations focus on effectively assigning technical roles that allow TA teams to engage and select better applicants for factory, shipping, logistics, and exchange positions. Candidates do not need unique tools or a purpose-built approach to engaging in interviews. They can use the smartphone if they want.

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Technical disruption is an opportunity, especially for workers in blue-collar industries. The speed at which automation technologies are evolving today and the scale at which they can disrupt the world of work is largely without preconceived notions.


The growing importance of digital technology and the rapid pace of change in the roles and capabilities of employees necessitate a fundamental change in the workplace. Our learning and development systems need to be adapted to better prepare people for the flexibility and complex thinking skills needed in the future.

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“Almost all blue-collar jobs will require men - you will always need implicit knowledge, monitoring, reporting and human handling of technology tools. The tasks required under the job will change but that is not the same as futility. However, in this case high skill becomes crucial. The advantage of productivity will mean that businesses are able to expand further which will result in more jobs being created. Nitinn Sagarr, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hunar Online , India based online job search platform powered with Video Job Ads (Recruitment Marketing + Employer Branding)

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The adoption of technology helps employers to visualize supply at a hyper-local level and makes the entire sourcing and recruitment process friction-free. Everywhere in the world, human beings are considered the most important resource for organizations, it is time to rethink the recruitment process and turn it on Hunar Online to keep pace with the tech-savvy world we live in.

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