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How To Recruit Effectively With Hunar Online

Companies want employees in verticals, although most of them also include a frontline group of workers. As a result, cost-effective recruitment is the way forward.

Hunar Online Job App Cost effective recruitment

Companies want to be aggressive while achieving greater productivity and efficiency. For that to happen, organizations want employees who are loitering in the talk - parents who can be persistent towards the company, fulfill their responsibilities with utmost occupancy and pass their orders to take on new tasks and contribute to the success of the company. .


Companies want employees in verticals, although most of them also include a frontline group of workers. The frontline group of workers is the one who may be most at risk of socio-economic demand situations and the insecurity involved has immediate effect on their families. Consequently, gradual recruitment and attrition in this group of workers often results in a lack of productivity, an excellent decline in work, a decline in morale, and excessive turnover rates - all of which result in flip results in sales losses.


To mitigate this, skills acquisition and onboarding groups want to double on their cost-effective methods of recruiting blue-collar, gray-collar and white-collar entry-stage staff.


Recruiters / Talent acquisition teams can optimize on cost on hiring workforce through Hunar Online Job Web App.


What is Hunar Online Job Web App / Website ?

It’s a self-serve recruitment marketing platform that helps businesses & start-ups to reach and attract best talent with video job ads.

Employees engage and share video jobs ads in multilingual language with candidates which generates trusted authentic content, which is used to craft your employer brand, attract top talent, while simultaneously reducing the workload on your talent attraction teams.

Organisations pan India across size and Industries choose Hunar online job web app to increase their qualified applicants by over 1200% and improve their job offer acceptance rate by 85%.

Hunar Online Video Job Ads - Recruitment Marketing , Social Recruiting

Businesses can do

  • Video Job Post (Text+Video) – High Reach, Targeted Multilingual Job Ads
  • Smart Search: Can Find What Exactly they are looking
  • Run Large Scale Campaign – Easy to reach out talent with personalized message in local language
  • Useful in hiring – Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Un-Skilled Industrial Workers


Question from Job Seeker : 

How Do Search Job on Hunar Online Job App. 

  • Any person looking for job can type or hunar online job on google.
  • On landing home page, he/she can click on browse button ( Top right in Desktop/ Top Left in Mobile) and select find jobs, this will display all jobs.
  • Another way to search job is through Job role or Qualification , candidate can select one job role from the list like electrician, CNC operators, Injection moulding Operator etc and search. Or selecting select their qualification like 10th pass, 12th pass, ITI etc.


Is Hunar online job app is good website

After researching on the internet and various consumer forums it is found many people sharing their experiences with the Hunar online job web app, which is good. According to net research and Google reviews, people find it very effective and real.


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Employer/ Recruiter Q&A

1- How do I hire an employee online

Getting your next hire without spending a single thing?   It's a dream.

Unfortunately, you can't build your entire recruitment process with a zero budget, mainly if you're scaling fast.

However, there are a few hiring techniques as a way to deliver you in the direction of qualified applicants with out plenty ache for your pocketbook.

With modern sourcing techniques i.e Video Job Ads by Hunar online Job web App can save money in your overall recruitment budget.


2- What is the best website to hire employees

Free" generally feels too good to be true. But that isn't the case with job boards. Non of the companies find employees to hire for free- qualified and relavent.

Wondering what the best internet site is for hiring employees? Organizations have created list of the excellent job boards to advertise your open roles, they're,, Linkedin, Indeed.

These are the website where employee looking for work/ jobs.


3- How Recruitment Marketing with Hunar Online Job web app help businesses

Companies have to go the extra mile to strengthen their employer brand in a tight recruitment environment.

Recruitment marketing with Hunar online video job advertisements has proved to be beneficial in this regard, helping to attract candidates at the beginning of the recruitment funnel. Videos can also be used throughout the recruitment process to give candidates a more exciting experience.


4- What do you say in recruiting video

Here is advice for using videos in recruiting:

  • Share the basic information.
  • Highlight questions candidates tend to have.
  • Keep the videos short.
  • Include a call to action
  • Promote extensively company, its culture, benefits offered


5- How it is different from social media recruitment

Hunar online Video Job Ads are targeted, create and consume in any Indian Languages by people looking for job in Indian market.


5.1 What is Social Media Recruitment / recruiting

Social recruiting or social media recruitment  refers to the process of recruiting candidates through social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and other websites, including online forums, job boards like hunar online job, and blogs. Social recruiting is also referred to as social media recruiting, social hiring and social recruitment.


5.2 Is social media is best for recruitment

As more and more candidates turn to social media for job search, companies are now taking advantage of Hunar online as a platform to find their next job.

Attractive employer brands are invaluable for attracting and retaining top talent, making Hunar Online's video job ads one of the top recruitment trends in 2021.

Recruitment marketing with Hunar online jobs can save you money because of its efficiency and less time to hire.


Job Seeker Q&A

1-      Can I pay someone to find me a job?

The simple answer is No, It’s a FREE for search and apply for jobs on hunar online job web app. Candidates can call / contact directly to HR of the company on number mentioned at Job detail page.


Best Feature of Hunar Online

  • Create Digital CV – No Need to upload
  • Fast job search based on your interest, skill, experience, and location
  • Facilitates direct contact with recruiters: “Call HR” feature allows you to set up your own interview with the respective HR
  • Jobs for all qualifications: 10th pass, 12th pass, graduates and postgraduates (skilled or semi-skilled)
  • Featuring Video Job Ads – Publish jobs in any local language


It is a new-generation web application that caters to the professional needs of job seekers looking for frontline employment opportunities. The Hunar online job web app is important to support the livelihoods of millions of frontline workers who were on the brink of unemployment during the nationwide lockdown in 2020 and facilitates jobs for all categories of job seekers: skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled.


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