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How to Promote Employer Branding for Startups: Hunar.Online

Affordable and Easy Employer Brand Ideas for Start-ups Maximizing Startup Recruitment Efforts

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Most startups don't have time to focus their energies on recruiting, let alone employer branding. Teams are working tirelessly to realize the company's vision, working long hours doing many different things. Taking the time to create a solid employer branding and recruitment strategy can play a vital role in the success of a startup. This guide will help you understand why employer branding is important for startups, and discuss affordable and easy strategies you can implement.


You don't need a lot of resources to build a stellar employer brand and stand out from the competition. Here are some ideas to get you started without breaking the bank.


1. Create fun and simple recruitment videos on Hunar.Online (with the video job ad feature)

You don't need professional videographers to create an engaging recruitment video ad. Just a selfie recording or animated video from canva.


2. Write an Employer Branding Blog

If your website has blog functionality, set up a content plan for the type of long-lasting employer brand content you want to create and establish a publishing schedule with assigned authors or an in-house content writer.

Keep it simple and address questions job seekers have about the application process or the company culture of your team.


3. Create Unique Video Job Ad, Host it on Hunar.Online Platform { Offers }

Include information beyond the job description in your video job ad, such as your company's application and hiring process, employee resource groups, employee spotlights, diversity statistics and programming, and images of your office and employees.

HR-specific platforms like are useful for sharing such content about culture initiatives and employee benefits.


Implement a Strong Recruitment Marketing Strategy with Hunar.Online

Video job advertising should be an important part of your employer branding efforts. Not only is this one of the most cost-effective strategies, but most of the Millennials have got their current jobs through It helps you create a game plan with targeted job ads based on your open roles. is a leading provider of job video solutions that aim to increase ROI on recruitment costs while reducing overall workload for the HR team. It turns your typical text job posting into a dynamic, engaging and trackable 60-second video job ad. When attracting the world's most qualified job seekers, it is essential to use diverse recruitment strategies.

Job seekers are changing, so if you want to stay relevant in recruitment, it's time to give your text job posting a facelift with a video job ad. Online video consumption has increased significantly, as has the use of mobile devices.

Candidate's experience matters and's video job advertisements can help. Not only will this make your message spread at viral speeds, but it will also cut your cost per hire in half on average.

You would agree that employees retain and understand about 60% more of the training by simply watching a video versus reading a text manual.

About Hunar.Online:

A self-serve advertising platform that helps businesses of all sizes reach and attract best industrial talent for a job with video job ads.


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