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92% of hiring managers facing shortage of data science talent in India

 The industry is witnessing a huge supply gap when it comes to data science talent. 

92% of hiring managers are facing shortage, according to a study on hiring trends in analytics and data science conducted by edtech company Great Learning.

Close to half of surveyed hiring managers consider a formal qualification/degree in data science as essential to a career in data science. The study also found that the lack of gender parity is an issue in the data science domain, just as it is with the broader technical domain. With recruitment activity returning to pre-pandemic levels, the report yields a range of insights on recruitment trends, talent demand, skill gaps and other challenges in hiring.


57% believed that the gap between supply and demand existed at the entry level, while 27% of hiring managers felt that a talent gap existed in mid-level roles of team lead and project management, The need to upskill for early stage and mid career professional is higlighted.

The largest skill deficit in the area of ​​Natural Language Processing (NLP) was identified by 15% of hiring managers, followed by Artificial Intelligence (12%), Automation (11%), Computer Vision (10%), Analytics (9%) was the place. and machine learning (7%).

With every industry undergoing a digital transformation, the demand for data science functions such as NLP, AI/ML, Big Data and Automation is at an all-time high. As per the study, Bengaluru has once again taken the poll position as the leading city for hiring talent in data science, with 54 per cent of the hiring and recruiting managers rated it as the top destination for hiring data science professionals. selected as the preferred destination. It is followed by Hyderabad, an emerging cyber hub, with 15 per cent of hiring managers expressing their confidence in the city.

It said that BPO and KPO hubs of Delhi NCR and Pune were preferred by 9 per cent and 6 per cent respectively, followed by Mumbai and Chennai with 5 per cent preference. The major difference between Bengaluru and the rest of the city reflects the superiority of the ecosystem that includes a skilled talent pool, cutting-edge applications of data science in both corporates and start-ups and opportunities to work on consultancy projects. Extensive research in the area, added to the study.

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Furthermore, the gender gap continues to be a problem not only in the data science sector but also in the wider technology segment. 68 percent of hiring managers indicated that a gender gap exists in the talent pool. Reasons behind this include gender-based pay disparity in the data science space, low awareness of opportunities in the space among the fair sex and lack of adequate support from enterprises in ensuring work-life balance.

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