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The Future of Recruitment and Role of Hunar Online Video Job Ads


When jobs are scarce, employers can rest on the luxury of letting applicants do a lot of work in the research phase. But that's not the world we live in today.

As business owners and hiring managers can't expect the same hiring playbook always used to keep working in attempt to fill the open positions. It might be time to turn to video job descriptions as a better way to engage with prospective applicants online.

The digital revolution has transformed recruitment. In the space of a decade, there’s been a move away from traditional job websites to an innovative world of new and exciting recruitment tools and techniques.

But what are the game-changing recruiting techniques that’ll shape your hiring strategy in the future? That is Video Job Post.


Use of the Internet is on the rise, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Its widespread presence is transforming our daily lives, our businesses and our homes. Connectivity has changed many industries — it took some by storm while letting others transform gradually.

Among the industries that are seeing changes, Recruitment might be one of the more interesting ones to observe. New technologies and Hunar.Online’s Video job ads have taken what used to be a long, resource-heavy process of finding new talent, and made it much more manageable. If we take a look at some of the most recent trends, we could speculate about what the future of recruitment may be like. One thing is for sure: Hunar.Online will play a role in the further development of recruiting processes.


In the past, finding suitable talent and candidates for a role meant a long scouting and evaluation process. The person chosen for any given role had to be carefully selected to fit the requirements of the job, including experience, education, and mindset. Companies would often outsource the process to recruitment agencies who had more resources to do the job properly.

Hunar.Online has changed some of that, allowing recruiters to access a pool of talent with a couple of clicks. On Hunar Online, recruiters can find a very defined demographic they need for a job role.


90% of Candidates Don’t Read the Job Description

On average, there are 225 applications per role, 90% of those candidates don’t actually read the job description and 85% don’t have the core skills to do the job. This is due to being able to apply for jobs easier than before, by only clicking ‘apply’ and not having to complete a form or read the job description first.

By clicking ‘apply’ without reading any of the information first, it can make you appear lazy and possibly arrogant; reducing your chances of getting a job – or even an interview


 Hunar Online Video Job Post – A Smart Recruiting in the Era of Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation of HR has opened new opportunities for organisations to implement smarter hiring strategies. Presently, a large number of companies are digitizing their talent acquisition strategy and making the shift towards virtual platforms to recruit effectively. In addition to speeding up the recruitment process, digital transformation can improve workflow and free up recruiters’ precious time by facilitating automation, thereby allowing them to remain dedicated to core business tasks. More essentially, the digitalizing of HR is extremely important for providing employees with a better experience and making them feel more involved.



The best part about Hunar Online Video Ads is that it can help companies build a strong brand image online to quickly attract top industry talent. Since digital recruitment strategies are proving to be highly effective even during uncertain times, their adoption is bound to increase in the future.



With more and more companies opting for HR technological solutions like Video Job Ads, the modern talent acquisition landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation in recruitment can benefit companies in numerous ways. In recent years, digital transformation in HR has made it possible for the new breed of hiring managers to automate tiresome recruiting tasks and shift their focus to high-value activities that hold greater significance.


One apparent reason of this shift is the changing demographics of the applicants. More and more millennials are being hired today and the recruitment process is evolving to fit this target group. Today organisations are using varied approaches to reach out to this age group, and presence on social media has played a key role here.


Gone were the days of Long Job Description – today is the Era of Video Job Ads.


What is Video Job Ads ?

A video job ads is a brief, video-based overview for a specific job opening (or group of openings) that may include a summary of the position's responsibilities, qualifications, expectations, and often showcases the workspace, current employees, and company culture.


Need of Video Job Ads ?

These videos are useful in helping job searchers better understand the types of candidates that would be the best fit for your open positions, but they also help bring your company to life in a way that a simple text post just can't. Here are a few compelling reasons why you might want to start creating these visual job descriptions:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Humanize Your Brand
  • Show Off Your Best Features
  • High rate of sharing


The job market is in a tough place for companies with open positions. Whether you create a simple phone video or high-quality produced piece, video job descriptions are a high-performing way to break out from the pack and show job candidates what makes your company unique.



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