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Hunar Online Video Job Ads for HR / Recruiter

  Are traditional methods of recruitment not producing the best results for you? Do you want to know about new methods of recruitment? Do you want to know the importance of digital marketing for recruiters ?   Yes?   Great! Stay tuned with us!   As a talent acquisition and human resources professional, you are looking to prove your return on investment to your compay’s leadership. When you spend on recruitment advertising, you need results. Rupees must equal new hires. The lower the cost per hire, the happier everyone is, including your CFO. Not to mention, the higher the head count, the smoother your organization will function.  In order to locate quality candidates and effectively convert the best applicants to great hires, it’s not enough to list responsibilities. It’s also not enough to list any type of role and any type of site and expect results. You have to sell!  Especially with today’s unemployment rates, increased competition and messaging, your opportunity has to be differen