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What are the principle industries for jobs in Coimbatore?

Seeking to begin your profession in coimbatore? Let, discover foremost corporations inside the city with activity possibilities for freshers. Coimbatore is one among the largest buying and selling centers in tamil nadu. Located on the banks of the noyal river and surrounded with the aid of the western ghats, the metropolis is affectionately nicknamed the "manchester of the south". The city is home to more than 25,000 small, medium and huge scale industries such as textile mills, jewelery, fowl, moist grinders, engineering goods and vehicle components. This increases the want for experts to paintings in those fields main to adequate job possibilities in coimbatore.   In case you are looking for a process in coimbatore, here are a few important details associated with the work possibilities inside the town.   How much salary one can except in coimbatore? Someone operating in coimbatore earns a median salary of INR 8,68,300  per year. Salaries fluctuate substantially a

Bringing job opportunities in more cities in India: Hunar online Jobs

Choose a knowledgeable career with Hunar Online Jobs - now live in new cities: Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Prayagraj, Surat, Raipur, Malappuram, Asansol, Madurai and Varanasi   The issue of India's growing population is a major threat to the millions of job seekers spread across the country's various towns and cities as the nation reports record-high unemployment figures at the height of a global epidemic. This deprives job seekers in cities like Mysore, Prayagraj, Raipur, Malappuram, Asansol, Madurai and Varanasi of ample job opportunities in their hometowns. So, most of the people are looking to move out of their homes to big cities in search of better opportunities. We have good news for you. If you belong to any of the above cities, you no longer have to worry. Hunar Online Job App, India's largest job search platform has now arrived in new cities. Our footprint is expanding to 42 cities across India. Popular cities are

India: Hotspot of blue-collar workers

What is the blue collar job market like in India? What are the sectors that employ maximum number of blue collar workers?   Blue-collar worker applies to a person who is involved in a fair deal of manual labor through his occupation. These workers work in some of the most traditional sectors, such as factories , oil fields, firefighters, auto-manufacturing units, food processing, sanitation, custody and technical installations. While some people in these positions receive annual compensation or are paid for a job, most blue-collar employees are paid an hourly wage. Blue-collar positions are highly skilled and require someone to perform a mission. However, most of them do not require strict instruction. Generally, a secondary school certificate or GED is appropriate for this type of work. Many blue-collar workers are required to wear durable clothing, such as linen or cotton, even when used. Demand for blue-collar workers is growing rapidly with growth and expansion. This catego

Evolving technology in the blue collar industry

Each member of the organization plays an integral role in the proper functioning of the global workplace. The work pyramid will break if the team does not corporate. To ensure stability and productivity in the workplace, team members must be trained.  The basis of industrialization is blue-collar workers, so it is important to pay attention to their needs and requirements and provide them with blue-collar training to promote better results.   Who is the Blue-collar Worker?   A blue collar worker is a person who does manual labor, such as landscaping, construction, waste disposal, etc. They are machine operators, CNC operators, helpers, delivery boys, drivers, field boys, office boys, construction workers, security guards, maids, Tailor, cleaner, laborer etc. Factories have many types of machines such as CNC machines to improve the quantity and quality of their work. To operate a CNC or computer numerical control machine, we need to hire a CNC machine operator.  It is a special

Create Catchy Recruitment Videos and Maximize Talent Acquisition

Fast time to hire? Low cost to hire? It's all possible with Hunar Online' s Video Job Ads -learn how to create your own videos and start delivering a better candidate experience in minutes. To understand what a dramatic change in recruiting, just consider the rise of recruitment videos. In this year alone, we've gone from an environment where it was normal to meet at networking events filled with hundreds of clueless strangers, to one where nearly every office is virtual, we all sweat, and we live on Zoom. Recording and sending video has become incredibly easy and is loaded with emotional non-verbal cues that you might not get otherwise. The video helps you to show your enthusiasm, and helps in building strong relationships with the candidates.   Recruitment Marketing Recruitment marketing is the combination of strategies and tools used by an organization to engage and nurture potential talent at the pre-applicant stage. The purpose of this exercise is to promote the va